I'm Losing Inches!!!!!

I’ve lost inches! I had a medical check-up a few days ago and learned I’d lost TWO inches.

Yippee! Oops! What I meant to say was “uh-oh.”

I now measure 5’2” instead of 5’4”. The lost inches were in height!

What happened? I don’t know. Just can’t figure it out. I don’t even know when this happened.

The last time I remember knowing how tall - I mean how short - I was, I measured exactly 5’4”.
This time, when the nurse announced “62 inches” I was baffled.

You’d think I would have noticed skirts being longer on me. Same with pants.
But, ah, no, I fooled my own clothes.

What I did was this: all this time I’ve been losing height, I was also gaining weight. In other words, I was spreading out. As the body widened, the clothes stretched out, thereby having the effect of shortening the clothes. The wider hips and thighs took up space and automatically shortened my clothes.

It’s like I told someone the other day. I don’t mean to wear what folks call “stretch pants.” It’s just that they have no other choice. They either stretch – or rip at the seams!

One big difference in height and weight dilemmas is that a person can eat or diet to gain or lose weight. There’s just not a whole lot one can do to change height.

Oh, well, so much for losing those inches.

Know what I mean?


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's something you don't hear every day. Did the doctor give you the reason for the height change?

Dianne said...

More good news...your feet and ears get longer! Isn't aging wonderful?

Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't get to post often because I'm so busy and I always feel so guilty if I don't. Oh good...something else to feel guilty about!

Patricia Rockwell said...

They try to tell me I'm 5'7" but I will always be 5'8"--I don't care how you measure me!

Unknown said...

Maria: No, the doctor didn't offer an explanation. I think this is just called getting older.

Dianne: Feet and ears get longer. Well, already, one ear is a bit lower than the other and one foot a bit longer than the other. In other words, I'm totally lopsided.

Chatty Crone said...

You get more hairy on your face too - the Golden Years (Lol).

Linda said...

Yes, we do lose inches as we age, but it's the black hairs that appear on our chin is what freaks me out!

Stacy Uncorked said...

It is amazing how we get shorter as we grow - my FIL used to be 6', but at 87 he's maybe 5'6"...or shorter... Hopefully you won't become the incredibly shrinking woman! ;)

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