Useless Information

I just love little bits of useless information. Actually, I even like useful information, but I seem to enjoy knowing stuff I don't need more than stuff I need. Something like Murphy's Law, I guess.

Anyway, just today, I found a fun trivia site that I've set up on this blog -- over on the right-hand side about mid-way down. Why don't you give it a shot? It takes less than two minutes to play (depending on how good you are, of course.) I'm hoping family, friends & followers will join in. You can come back each day to compare your scores -- and to learn a little something along the way!

We'll have our own little Hall of Fame at the end of each month.

Besides, one day way in the future, there might be a reason for you to know who bowled the highest score in some remote place in Nepal 30 years ago -- or some other crazy thing like that.


Patricia Rockwell said...

Okay, Sherry! That was fun!

Sandee said...

Well, you lost me at the log-in thing. I'm just not signing up for anything new. Sorry.

Have a terrific day. :)

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