National Get-Over-It-Day and More

Are you angry, holding a grudge? Do you have something you need to get over? A disaster in the kitchen? A sale lost at work? A failed relationship? If so, this day is for YOU!

Below is the poem found at the official site of National Get Over It Day. I don't know the author's name but certainly it must have been someone affiliated with that site.

Nobody is happy, every day of their life,
Not an American Idol, not a Desperate Housewife.
Not MVP athletes, not Oscar-winning stars,
Not rich CEOs, not hot chicks at bars.

We all have our issues; all lives contain stress,
At some point, we’re all, an emotional mess.
Ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-husbands, ex-wives,
There are people to get over in everyone’s lives.

But as much as things suck, as bad as they get,
If you got cheated on, if you’re swimming in debt,
If you’re aging or balding or get a cold sore,
Don’t ever forget: It Could Always Suck More!

It’s all part of life; it will help you grow stronger,
But this “pity party” of yours can’t last any longer,
You can sit home alone, being sad and depressed,
Or you can choose to be strong, and do as we suggest:

March 9th is the day, to finally say:
“Move on! It’s done! It’s Get Over It Day!”

(Again, all credit goes to the site linked above.)

What I've gotten over (sort of) is the fact that I never owned a Barbie doll. And today is Barbie's 50th birthday. Read about one way she's celebrating her birthday at my other blog, right here.

Barbie may be as American as apple pie, but she has international roots. Barbie was modeled after a German doll, Bild Lilli; the first Barbies were made in Japan.

According to Wikipedia, Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Click to find out how many pets Barbie has had over the years, what kind of controversies have surrounded Barbie - and more!

And if you don't like this post, get over it! Please!


Anonymous said...

I love that poem. I've never evev heard of National get over it day. What a cool day.

Sandee said...

Okay, I'm over it. Barbie needs a makeover. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Patricia Rockwell said...

I guess I'll have to get over that I never had a Barbie either. Actually, I really never liked dolls. My mother informs me I once threw a doll that was given me down the basement steps. I did, however, liked stuffed animals, so I'm not too horrible.

Bo said...

Sherry...you have the best sense of humor!
Fun post... ;-) Bo

HumorSmith said...

So, that's her German beginning? No wonder she has such a great Bild!

Anonymous said...

Great poem. I loved Barbie. I received my first one during Barbie's second year from my favorite aunt. Over the years I owned several Barbies and most of the friends, too. It was fun and a great memory. However, I don't have any of them today because I made the mistake of giving them to my younger sister. She had them headless and naked within six months. I was always mad at myself for not keeping them because they were in great condition before the transfer.

I solved my problem a few years ago by purchasing about six or seven collectable Barbies. I was amazed at how great it was to find the replica of my original Barbie. All is well in my world and you can be sure I won't give them to my younger sister....ever!

I'm glad you're over the trauma going without Barbie must have caused you during your life. Sniff, Sniff...I feel your pain. You can always buy yourself one just for fun!

Anonymous said...

Is it really National Get Over It Day, or did you just make that up?

Unknown said...

To Dave Moulton: It's a real holiday/observance. I found information about it -- and the poem -- on line.

storyteller said...

I've not heard about this holiday, but methinks it's certainly worthwhile to have a Get Over it Day! Loved the poem and appreciate the link too.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Whomever came up with this holiday must have been a very staunch stoic person who is an ice cube.

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