Am I Not "People"?

Now, I want to know: Do I not qualify as “people”? Am I nobody?
Here’s why I ask.
For years, my children have looked at something I was doing or something I was wearing and say, “Mom, people don’t do that anymore.” Well, I do.

For example, several years ago, silver jewelry was the rage (or so I’m told.) I had on gold jewelry when a daughter said, “Mom, people just don’t wear gold jewelry anymore.”
Since when am I not “people”? If I was wearing gold jewelry, then obviously at least some people were still wearing gold jewelry. Or maybe only one person.

Of course, I’ve read recently that gold jewelry is coming back in, which means I’ll more than likely switch to silver. After all, if we’re not here on this earth to be out of sync with current trends, thereby embarrassing our children, what is our purpose in life?
And then there’s the “nobody” that I must be. It’s the same thing, just different words. One of my adult children typically says regarding what I’m doing, “Mom, nobody does that anymore.” "Nobody wears shoes like that anymore." Well, I do.
I guess this is why one of my daughters and her friends always went to my closet for old-time or fun costumes in school.
Wanna know what’s going to be fashionable in a few years? Stick with me. I’ll show you, because I’m probably still wearing it from 25 years ago.


Bo said...

Sherry...I think you need to be on stage! You are FUNNY! Thanks for the giggles...;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

I met someone at a party and, looking me over, she asked "Didn't you used to be somebody?"

Naturally I took that as a compliment.

Unknown said...

To BO: Your comments always make my day! Thanks.

To Chuck Boyd: That's a funny question. As a "has-been," I understand.

Da Old Man said...

Simply explain that you are a visionary, a trend setter, and are right now wearing what will be hot in 2034.

Margo said...

I've just gotten into this stage with my daughters. They both used to think I was cool. Now whatever I do, it defines uncool. Big gold jewelry from the 80s is definitely new again.

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE GOING TO READ THIS AND LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF: When my daughter (Miss All Things Knowledgeable) was 12 years old I decided to get a dog, and I decided to name him Buddy. My daughter said "Why do you always have to name everything BUDDY?" Then, when she was 15, I decided to buy a new blue car (I was sick of my old SILVER car) and my daughter said "Well thank God you didn't get BURGUNDY" huh? Like I always did????

Sandee said...

Yep, and someday your daughter will be doing the same exact thing. Bwhahahahaha. It's so true.

Have a terrific day. :)

Linda said...

My daughter is the same way and I can remember making similar comments to my Mom.

JudyBug said...

I must be hopelessly out of style. I can rarely find anything when shopping anymore. Obviously what I'm looking for isn't made any more!

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