Where's That Phone???

I called a friend today but got his voice mail on his cell phone, so I left a message.
A little later, I tried again. And, once again, I got his voice mail.
Later in the day, a call came in from a number I didn’t recognize. The friend was calling from a business phone because he couldn’t find his cell phone. He said that when I called earlier, he had heard the ringing in his car but couldn’t find the phone to answer it.
Even later in the day, I called to give him some information. This time, surprisingly, he answered the phone.
“Oh, you found the phone,” I said.
“Yes,” he replied, “but I am not going to tell you where it was.”
But he did tell.
It was on his belt – and had been all along.
And I thought I was the only one who did things like that.
For example, I’ve been known to look for sunglasses, just to discover them on my head. Or, I searched for keys that were in my hand all along.
Ah, the joys of growing older!

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