It's Weary Willie Day!

Today is “Weary Willie Day.”
When I saw that on the Internet, all kinds of things ran through my mind. I couldn’t imagine what in the world “Weary Willie Day” might be!
Well, actually I could imagine, but I was hoping what I was imagining wasn’t right – ‘cause what I was imagining certainly doesn’t deserve an observance!
The word willie has several different meanings.
For example, there is a building in Brooklyn – its tallest – known as The Willie. It is actually Williamsburgh Savings Bank:

The 'Willie' was built by the architectural firm Halsey, McCormack and Helmer from 1927-1929. It is 512 feet tall, and can be seen from Brooklyn housetops as far away as Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights. It is the tallest building in Brooklyn and one of the two tallest buildings on Long Island. Its four-faced clock was the largest in the world in 1929, and held the title until 1962, when it was surpassed by the clocks on the Allen Bradley Building in Milwaukee. The ground-floor banking room boasts a 63-foot ceiling, and windows overlooking Hanson Place are 40 feet high.The crowning dome was built as a homage to the other Brooklyn Williamsburgh Bank building, on Broadway in Williamsburg (the bank has an h, the neighborhood does not). Since 1987, the two buildings have been a part of the Republic National Bank and subsequently, the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation. [http://www.forgotten-ny.com/STREET%20SCENES/willie/willie.html]

And, of course, there’s Willie Nelson and Willie Wonka. Sometimes Willie Nelson sounds a bit weary or at least melancholy; how could Willie Wonka ever be weary with all of that chocolate?
No, the observance isn’t for either of them or for Willie Mays or even for Steamboat Willie.

Instead, it's the birthday of Emmett Kelly Sr., world-renowed circus performer who was often transformed into a character named Weary Willie, delighting audiences everywhere. Even with his sad face, Weary Willie brought laughter to many children and adults.

It's a special day for me otherwise. It's also my Dad's birthday. Here's a link to what I wrote about my first Father's Day without him: http://blondesherry.blogspot.com/2008/06/fathers-day-without-my-dad.html

Happy Birthday to Weary Willie and to Dad!

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Rebecca Ramsey said...

Willy Wonka is my favorite one! Happy birthday to your dad!
Interesting post!

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