Results of Anonymous Poll #7

The results are in for the 7th anonymous poll on this blog. This one was for folks to vote for their favorite board games, and it was unusual in that people could select more than one, so the percentages don’t add up to 100. The other unusual aspect was that I couldn’t list every existing board game, so I chose just a few.
Here are the results:

Monopoly 20%
Scrabble 50%
Trivial Pursuit 15%
Cranium 20%
Scattergories 20%
Balderdash 20%
Pictionary 10%
Taboo 20%
Adverteasing 0%
Risk 0%
Clue 10%

Are there board games that you enjoy that aren’t on the list? Is there a new one you’ve tried that you really like? I like to try new games but, because they are not cheap, prefer to have recommendations. Any suggestions?

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