Hold Your Nose

Exactly one week ago, I met daughter Mandy and her six-month-old son, Harrison, at the Charlotte (NC) airport. We were gathering with other members of the extended family in Charlotte for the Autism Awareness walk the following day.

Once we got to the airport parking lot with luggage and the paraphernalia required when traveling with a baby, Mandy said she needed to change Harrison's diaper -- because he hadn't had a change since they left Denver. She put him on the back seat of the car and changed his diaper. I took the dirty diaper in search of a trash can, but couldn't find one in the garage. Rather than walking back to the terminal, I just put the diaper in the trunk of the car -- and forgot about it until this morning when I opened the trunk! G-r-r-r-o-s-s-s-s!
The temperature had been around 85 degrees all week. What a stench!

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Anonymous said...

I agree...that is gross. And it sounds like something I would do.

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