Elephants, Chocolate & Autumn

Today is September 22nd, and you know what THAT means, don’t you?

It’s Elephant Appreciation Day! I rode an elephant for several miles one time. When I got off, I was wondering if my legs would ever get close to each other again. It’s a WIDE straddle on an elephant!

Flickr photo of elephants by kevinzim.
Even more important, however, is that it is National White Chocolate Day. That’s more like it. I can take any kind of chocolate, no matter the color.

Flickr photo of white chocolate by James Cridland.

But you probably thought of something different: It’s the first day of fall or autumn, and I am SO glad, although it still feels like summer in the South Carolina lowcountry.
And it’s likely to feel like summer for a while. Our temperatures are in the 80s, which is a lot better than the 90s and 100s, and it’s very humid and muggy.
But the fact that it’s autumn means we’re moving in the right direction temperature-wise! Finally. (We even have 70-degree weather in December most years.)

Flickr photo of autumn leaves by per ola wiberg.

Fall also means the leaves change colors. Every year, I think there can’t be much that is more beautiful than the array of reds, golds, yellows and oranges in the trees. Of course, right here in Summerville, each spring, I think there can’t be anything more beautiful than the yellows, whites, pinks, reds and purples of the azaleas, dogwoods, wisteria, roses and such.

Flickr photo of azaleas by KaCey97007.

Starting today, when we have an equal number of hours of daylight and darkness, the days start getting shorter. Well, actually a day has 24 hours – no matter what. But the days of light start getting shorter. I’m not certain I like that part of the change.
Fall means Halloween is on the way – and that means candy everywhere. Of course, in the stores, Halloween paraphernalia has been displayed for weeks. The Christmas stuff will probably go up now that it is fall.

Flickr photo of Halloween by Lobo235.

Since this is 2008 and a presidential election year, that means we’ll be inundated with even more political news and ads until another of autumn’s big days – Election Day, which is November 4th this year. Let’s hope that we know the outcome a lot earlier than we did during the election of the “hanging chads.”

Flickr photo of I Voted by Daniel Morrison.

Just a few weeks after the voting is over, we have an opportunity to be thankful it’s over and we no longer have to hear political ads – as we celebrate Thanksgiving. What a wonderful time when many of us gather with families and, yummy, food! Lots of it.

Flickr photo of Thanksgiving Feast by StarMama.

And there’s another reason to celebrate autumn. Martha, a new blogging friend over at “A Day in the Life by Martha,” just passed along the “Autumn Friends” award. Thanks so very much, Martha.

I want to return the favor, by sending it back to Martha, and by passing it on to Patricia at "Communication Exchange," Becky at “Wonders Never Cease” and to Kathy at “The Junk Box.” (Links to their sites are on the right-hand side of this blog with some of my favorite blogs.)

Happy Autumn, Everyone!

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Patricia Rockwell said...

Thank you so much for the "Autumn Friends" award. I am going to post about it and friendship tomorrow.

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