BOGO - Buy One, Get One

Do you love a bargain? Most people do.
What will you do to get a deal? Have you bought stuff you really don’t need?
Some people are avid bargain-hunters. Like my Aunt Jennie.

Jennie is a woman who loves a bargain.
She goes hog-wild when there’s a two-for-one deal – even if she didn’t need the first one. Whatever it was that she didn’t need, she gets two of – ‘cause it’s a deal.

In fact, she loves a bargain so much that she says every time she goes into a store and sees a line for something, she gets in that line. It doesn’t matter whether she knows what folks are lined up to get or not; she figures if there’s a line for an item, it must be a bargain!

Is she a deal-hunter or what?

What about you? Have you ever had “shopper’s remorse”? Have you ended up with something you wish you hadn’t purchased?

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