Sarah Palin and Joe Biden: Real People????

This isn’t a political discussion, and yet it is. It’s just not a partisan political discussion.

I’m sorta (for non-Southerners, that’s “sort of”) glad Sarah Palin and Joe Biden are the candidates for vice president. (At least we know the next vice president will have a two-syllable last name that ends with an "n.")

That’s because I sometimes wonder if elected officials, especially those in the highest offices, experience life like the rest of us do. I wonder if they have to make the tough decisions that the rest of us have to make. Sarah Palin and Joe Biden have some real life experiences.

Just after Joe Biden was first elected to Congress, his wife and daughter were killed in an automobile accident. His sons were injured in the wreck. He experienced tragedy and loss. Then, all of a sudden, he was a single parent. Later, he remarried, so he knows what it’s like to deal with “step” issues. His sons had a step-mom with his remarriage.

Biden was stopped in his bid for the presidency in 1988 because of issues related to plagiarism in a speech.

Sarah Palin has a special needs child, although since the child is just a few months old right now, she hasn’t yet had to deal with the problems to the extent she will have to over the next few decades. She has a pregnant teen-aged daughter, and we’ve learned that the teenager and her boyfriend will marry and keep the baby.

Sarah Palin is a working mom (and, yes, Joe Biden is a working dad, although his children are now grown); she has five children, one of whom is being deployed overseas later this month. Palin’s sister is divorced from someone who threatened violence and abuse against family.

In no way do I rejoice that these two candidates have had personal problems. However, even when we as the general public seem to want our politicians held to extremely high standards, we also want to know they understand the rest of us and the choices we sometimes have to make, don’t we? What do you think?


Natalie said...

Yes, it is refreshing to have two candidates who seem more "normal" than most politicians although I think of Biden as definitely a beltway insider. Being in the senate for over 30 years has got to knock some of that normalcy out of you.

What I'm finding frustrating is that the first or second word pundits use to describe Palin is "hot" and "attractive." You would never say that about a male candidate. I'm certainly not a femininst, but that kind of talk is demeaning to me.

I am also hating the discussion that's starting about how she should stay at home and raise her kids. That's her decision.

I guess those 18 million holes in the glass ceiling didn't really mean much.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment. You're right about the descriptions used for females v. males. Years ago, when I was in the SC House of Representatives, following a press conference, there was a reference to the length of my dress! None of the male participants had any of their clothing mentioned!!!

Texasholly said...

I was surprised by both choices. Although I think that they were both good choices. It is yet to be seen if the "real life" part of them will be a help or hurt their "political life". It has certainly woken up the election...

Anonymous said...

I have never been a Joe Biden fan but I can appreciate his personal story.....very touching.

I have been very upset with the liberal media attacks on Sarah. Hopefully, her speech last night will be enough to quiet them until we all have a chance to let her define herself and we learn more about her and can decide for ourselves...as for me, I am onboard!

Whether you decide to support her or not, she should be treated with the same respect offered to the males who have run this country for years...supported by the women who stayed home and made it possible. Does anyone think that the media EVER asked former Sen. Rick Santorum (Pa.)how he could serve with SIX kids.....I don't think so!

It is easy for Obama to say "Families are off limits" and look good on camera BUT why does he not call"HIS" media friends off this disrespect if he thinks it is so wrong...yeah right!

Yes, Sherry, some things never change....I remember your first campaign when some considered you a "too young and just another pretty blonde bimbo".....showed them though, didn't you?

I am a proud McCain/Palin supporter and will do what I can to assure their victory in November!!

Martha said...

I too have never been a Biden fan but saw one of his sons being interviewed. The interviewer said something about his stepmom. The son quickly corrected him by saying that "she's not my stepmom, she's my mom. I've been fortunate to have two moms in my life." What a wonderful guy!

The one thing that has aggravated me more than any other with the media's remarks of Sarah Palin is that in the beginning, they were always postscript what they said about her by saying "mother of 17-year-old-pregnant-planning-a-wedding, Bristol." What the heck did that have to do with whether she would be a good or great veep? I think she is the first candidate in a long long time who seems real...real people with real problems like we all have. I can't wait to vote for her! Martha

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