Blog Trip Day 2: Crosswords, Scattergories and More

It’s Day Two of the blogosphere trip in which hundreds of women bloggers are visiting each other’s sites, learning about their respective hometowns, hobbies, lifestyles and more.

Today I’m sharing some of my hobbies. One is doing crossword puzzles. In fact, I created crosswords for Sandlapper Magazine for seven years! I love all word games and challenges, including Scrabble.

Some favorite board games are Balderdash, Scattergories, Super Quiz II and Cranium. I also enjoy Charades and card games and like all trivia games.

There’s a game called Buzztime Trivia which is played in many restaurants across the US and Canada. That’s an addiction for me!!!!

I read and listen to books on CD and cassettes. Right now, I’m listening to a book named “Fury” written by Robert K. Tanenbaum; reading “Step on a Crack” by James Patterson; and reading Kelly Fryer’s “Reclaiming the ‘E’ Word: Waking Up to Our Evangelical Identity.”

I love baking but need to forget this hobby because I also like eating! This is not a good thing since I weigh in at Weight Watchers each Thursday!

Ebay is another addiction – both selling and buying. Another is Craig’s List. And, as long as I’m confessing addictions, I guess I should add diet Cokes and white wine and cheese and chocolate. There, I’ve confessed!

While you’re here on the blogosphere trip, take a moment to vote on the anonymous poll on the left-hand side, okay? And don’t forget to come back on Wednesday for Wordless Wednesday where you’ll submit your own caption for the pictures.

Oh, I almost forgot. The question for the day for bloggers is "How much is gas there?" Here in Summerville, it has been $3.41 to $3.55 over the last few days, but with the hurricanes, it may change significantly over night!

One more thing: I'd really like to know what YOU think about the points made in the post below about the vice presidential candidates.


PMKU said...

It's great getting to know you better. I've been here before. Most likely from WW. I did vote! See you soon, beep beep=!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy Scattegories and Trivial Pursuit. I'm in a bunko group with some great ladies, mostly from church. I also enjoy baking although I usually end up taking it for a special event and now hoping it gets gone so I don't have to bring any home!

Charlene Juliani said...

Hi Sherry! I really enjoy reading your blog!

I *heart* diet coke too, and chocolate, and cheese, and more chocolate.

Nice to "see" you again!

Anonymous said...

Well Good Morning Ms. "Ex"!! Scattergories was always my favorite as it always seems my sister and I always fought over whether a word was real during the game of Scrabble! Thanks for stopping by on the blog trip. :-) I'll be sure to add you to my google reader so I can be sure to stop by more in the future!

Have a wonderful day!
Farrah from...

Linda S said...

love scattergories! my gas, a little cheaper, not much!

Joan said...

Hi sherry thanks for swinging by yesterday =) And thank you for the comment about my babies.. They are my world =).

Hope you are enjoying the road trip as much as I am.

I too love Scrabble and Scattegories.. I recently played a new one called " What's yours like" it was so much fun to play..

Anonymous said...

Hello there! i'm here on a blog trip and it's nice to stop by.

Hope you'll visit my place

Thanks and happy blog trip!

barbara dehn said...

Stopping by on the blog trip. Nicely written posts on everything under the SC Sun!

You got a way with words, there, missy.

I'd love to know what you think of my post on Teen Pregnancy. I'm a nurse practitioner and tried to stay neutral, please stop by my blog and let me know what you think.
I'll definitely be back here.
Be well,

Angie said...

Oh we love Balderdash and Scattergories. How fun! We have sold a Christmas tree on Craigslist and I'm trying to sell some plus size clothes there too. I might like to get involved in ebay at some point too.

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