Rod's Surgery is Scheduled

Rod's surgery is scheduled for Monday the 11th at 4 pm. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, see the post below this one.) He had to see if he could fit surgery into his busy schedule! Newspapers have to be published; campaigns have to be run. I think that's why it was changed from the originally scheduled date of Saturday the 9th to Monday.

Rod and all the rest of us are quite optimistic.

Comments and e-mails from folks have been so supportive and, fortunately - and I'm sure as Rod would like - there has been humor.

For example, Penni wrote: Rod's like the brother I never had. Thank goodness!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Sheri-

Funny how you are technically not my aunt (you are a cousin), but as a kid I couldn't get my head around that. In my mind, if Tiffany was my cousin then you had to be my aunt. My adult years aren't permitting me to change the habit, either.

Anyhow, mom forwarded on the email that you sent her, and I wanted you to know that Rod is on my heart and in my prayers. So are all of you. I've sent it along to a few close friends who are praying as well. God is good.

I've come to your blog here, and love it. I'll certainly be checking back for updates.

Much love,



Jessica D. Grooms, MT-BC
(843) 364-4332

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Sherry, I'll be praying for your brother. He sounds like quite a guy!! If anybody can turn this into a funny story about how to wiggle out of an early trip to the pearly gates, sounds like he can!
And I'll be thinking about you too.
Big hug,

Martha said...

Sherry, know that I will lift Rod to our Heavenly Father. I pray for the surgeons for wisdom and a steady hand. I pray for you and the rest of your family for peace of mind and heart. May God bless you all and especially Rod for healing in His perfect will. Martha

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