Is This a Phone or What?

Two days ago I bought a new cell phone. This new phone can do all kinds of things. It synchronizes a calendar on the phone with the calendar on my computer. It takes pictures. It takes videos. It will even access the Internet. I left the phone store SO excited, just like a child with a new toy.
The joy didn’t last long. Yes, there are a lot of things this phone can do. The trouble is that I can’t do any of them!
It took me about six hours to figure out how to answer the doggone thing! Within 24 hours I had actually figured out how to call out on the phone.
For a while, I’ve thought it was great how people could have different ringtones for different callers or groups of callers. One tone for family, one for friends, perhaps another for co-workers.
So, I sat down with the phone and the manual to set up those ringtones. The instructions were to go to a contact’s name, select “options” and then “advanced.” Well, there was no “advanced” on the screen. I looked everywhere; I scrolled up and I scrolled down, but still couldn’t locate anything that said “advanced.”
After about two hours, I decided that, for the time being, I’d just settle for the same ringtone for everything and everybody. With a bit of looking, I found a ringtones folder and opened it. A message popped up saying the folder was empty and there were no ringtones available!
No ringtones available? This is a phone we’re talking about, right????


The Brantley Boys said...

First of all, I have to say that I am impressed that you even attempted the manual. That is way out of character for you. On another note, you are getting OLD.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Thank goodness my teenagers can help me! I'd be lost without them.

Martha said...

I've tagged you to tell us "Five Things you Love." Check out mine at A Day in the Life and I'm looking forward to reading yours. btw, I love your new phone! Good luck in learning how to use it :). Martha

Martha said...

Just post Five Things You Love then let five people know that they're tagged. Like playing tag in the school yard :). They they have to post their five things. It's just a way to get to know people better. Martha

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