Independence Day Snow??????

I’ve never lived anywhere other than South Carolina, so I can go several years without seeing snow.
Shoot, I can even go a decade without seeing snow.
The Upstate – Greenville, Spartanburg and surrounding areas – may get some snow each year. Even the Midlands – Lexington, Columbia and such – may get a little bit of snow on occasion. But the Lowcountry – Summerville, Charleston and coastal areas – very rarely get snow. If we do, it’s February, January or maybe December. And usually it doesn’t even stick to the ground.
So, here it is July 4th, and I’m celebrating our nation’s independence in Thornton, Colorado, part of the greater Denver area. And today I saw snow. The caps of the Rockies are white!
Now that’s something to shake up a southern girl’s whole being: snow on Independence Day.
We went to Roosevelt National Forest in the Rockies; son-in-law Adam went fishing while daughter Mandy, grandson Harrison and I walked around the lake. I think it was Brainard Lake. Actually, Harrison didn’t walk. He was in a stroller.
What a gorgeous day and what a tremendous view.
What a great – and beautiful - country!

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