Childhood Fashion: Is There Such a Thing?

At an early age, daughter Mandy seemed to think she was a fashionista. Even as a four-year-old, she thought she knew more about what to wear than I did.
Rather than doing battle in picking out clothes for kindergarten every day, I usually picked out two or three possible outfits and then let her select one of those. She wasn’t always happy with that method, but it worked for a while.
By first grade, though, I let her make her own selections. She wanted to express herself. The only rule was that the clothes had to be clean. Her options were for school and playtime, not for church or other special occasions.
Mandy very rarely dressed as I would have dressed her, but she had on clean clothes – and she was happy!
One night during that first-grade year, she said, “Mom, guess what Mrs. Campbell asked me today at school.” I couldn’t imagine.
Then she continued, “She asked me if my momma even sees me before I come to school.”
On this day, she had on orange knee socks, red shorts and a pink shirt. All clean, of course, but what a sight she was!
At first I was a little embarrassed, but then decided I still would not fight those daily battles about clothing styles and tastes.
At some point along the way, she changed her tastes – for the better. Far better.
Now I ask her for advice on clothing. The answer is never anything I have in my closet. In fact, when she was in high school, she and her friends used my closet to find their costumes!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Love the teacher story! How funny! My youngest once told his teacher that his mommy doesn't care about tooth brushing and once a day is more than enough.
(I do too care!)
Besides clothes being clean I added the rule that they must be weather appropriate. Sam wanted to wear muscle shirts in the winter. He still wants to, but he can wear them at home.

The Brantley Boys said...

Funny how a little punky brewster becomes the fashion expert for an older brother, older sister, and mom. I just wish everyone would listen to me...

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