Ugh - or Yuck!

I have a weak stomach. And I have a terrible gag reflex.
This is not a “fun” thing; it’s just something I cannot help. If a doctor needs to use a “stick” to check my throat, I gag. I mean really gag. But the stick is nothing compared to the smells. Certain smells just make me sick to my stomach.
Somehow – I don’t know how – but somehow, I’ve been able to handle changing dirty diapers without totally losing it.
Years ago, when my oldest child was only six months old, we were attending a convention at Disney World. Since she was our only child and easy to travel with as an infant, we took her with us.
One night, after a pleasant day of sight-seeing and other activities, we decided to retire early. I was in my nightgown and was giving Tiffany her bottle. When I held her to burp her, she did more than burp. She threw up – all over her and all over me.
Well, like I said, I have a very weak stomach. After Tiffany threw up all over me, I just couldn’t help it: I gagged and gagged - and then threw up all over both of us also!
Try not to visualize this, okay?

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, it's not only the sight that makes you gag but also the smell. *cringes*

It's all part of being a Mommy, we get thrown up by our little ones when they burp, or when they're overfed or sadly when they're sick.

This entry made me smile and made me laugh at the same time. :)

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