A Kunkle?

Ever had a kunkle? Or maybe the word is cunkle? Or cunkel? Cuncle?
Well, whatever the spelling, some folks in my family are getting one. I think what I’m getting is a cousband or husin.
Confused? Read on. It gets more confusing.
Within a few days, my ex-husband is marrying my second cousin. Talk about “All in the Family” -- this is the reality show!
When I e-mailed various family members with the news months ago that their former whatever-he-was was staying in the family through another marriage, nephew Ross responded that he had always wanted a cuncle, i.e. used to be his uncle, now would be his cousin. Leave it up to Ross to come up with a descriptive term.
The bride and groom are both nice people and I believe a very good match. I truly wish them well.

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