Oh, Mom, You Didn't!

Mom always worked outside the home. Quite frankly, if she hadn’t needed to and wanted to, she probably would have – just as a means of escape from her five children. But I digress.
She traveled a good bit with her job, including numerous flights from Columbia (SC) to Chicago. On one particular occasion, she had important meetings scheduled in Chicago and couldn’t quite decide what to wear.
Finally settling on a white outfit with a touch of brown, she then had to decide about the shoes. Her options were white sling pumps or her two-tone brown pumps. She put on one of each to see which looked and felt better.
The next time she thought about the shoes was when she was in the gate area of the airport, getting ready to board the plane. She thought about it because people standing around her were looking at her feet and snickering. She looked down and gasped!
In the Atlanta airport, a man walking past in the opposite direction, smiled and said, "I'll bet you've got another pair just like that at home, don't you?” Oh, yes, she most definitely had a matching pair at home!
It’s not unheard of that someone will have on mismatched but at least similar shoes. These were most certainly NOT similar.
The white sling, in addition to the open back, had an open toe with a bow on top. It was a very dressy shoe with a high, slender heel. The brown shoe wasn’t dressy and had a lower and thicker heel.
Mom wore those shoes all day in the meeting, then went straight from the meeting out to dinner with the group. She said lots of pictures were taken, one of which appeared in the next issue of the company newsletter with the following caption: “Whose Feet Are These?”
She never did say which shoe looked and felt better.

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Annette Piper said...

Oh my, that WOULD be a tad emabarrassing! But, good on the mom for just getting on with it (I probably would have found a shoe store on the way to the meeting, but I don't handle embarrassment very well!!)

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