It's June. That Means Weddings

Art Linkletter was right when he said that “kids say the darndest things.”
And they say those things at the darndest times. All parents learn this at some point – and usually many times over as their children grow.
I remember the first time we took our children to a wedding. We weren’t breaking any rules because children were invited to the wedding. And since I had the children in church every Sunday, I knew they knew how to behave. In fact, I always sat up front in church with them. That way they could easily see what was going on.
Of course, this was a different church in a different town. Unfamiliar surroundings.
We sat near the front; I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet and polite the children were. I believe Tiffany was 6; Tree was 3 ½. They listened to the music, then watched with wide-open-eyes as the men in the wedding party came in one-by-one in their formal attire, followed by the beautifully dressed bridesmaids and honor attendants. All of the men were dressed alike. I think there were 10 of them. The bride’s attendants, in an equal number, had on gorgeous matching gowns and the bride, of course, was in what my children probably thought was a Cinderella gown.
And thus the marriage ceremony began.
After the bride’s hand was given in marriage by her father, it was time for the bride and groom to step forward with the pastor, followed by the matron of honor and the best man.
When the bride and groom joined hands to move forward, my son – in a very loud voice – asked to no one in particular: “Why did she choose THAT one?”
I wanted to crawl under the pew! It had not occurred to me that he didn’t know which of the men was the groom. After all, they were all dressed just alike!
Of course, years later, the bride must have wondered the same thing, because the marriage didn’t last.
Why, indeed, had she chosen THAT one?


The Brantley Boys said...

I am glad that I wasn't alive for that moment that apparently frightened Tiffany and Tree out of getting married! Just kidding!

Anonymous said...


I only recently found your blog, and do enjoy it.Haven't seen you recently, so it was good to have found your postings.
A LADY with many talents!
Best to you.

Ken Willingham

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