Very Random Thoughts

            Random means having no pattern or no aim or something along those lines.

            Well, today, I have a few random thoughts to share.  There’s no pattern to them; all they have in common is that they’ve been on my mind (in my mind?) lately.

            1.  This one is a recurring thought; I have it every two years: Isn’t it ironic that Halloween and Election Day are so close together?  “Trick or treat” seems to fit both days, don’t you think?

            2.  Just the other day, daughter Mandy sent a message asking if I wanted “face time” with her two sons.  I thought maybe it was a request for babysitting (which I love.)  No, it was something like a video phone call on Facebook with a cell phone.  We haven’t done this yet ‘cause she’s still “‘splaining” it to me.  Next thing you know, we really will be able to just reach out and touch someone!

            3.  Mandy’s younger son, Fisher, is looking just like my son, Tree.  He’s just about the spitting image, in fact.  (Tree's picture at a young age is the middle one, dressed in yellow.)
            Recently Mandy sent a text message to Tree that said, “My son is beginning to look just like you.” 

            Tree responded, “You just don’t know how many times I’ve gotten that same message from others.”


            4.  Just over a week ago I turned 63.  I don’t mind sharing my age; I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow older.  On each birthday, I am painfully aware that brother Rod didn’t have that opportunity.  He died in 2010 at the age of 56.

            I miss him.

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