October is a Whole Lot More Than Halloween

It just doesn’t seem quite possible but here we are at October.

The most obvious signs are the Halloween decorations and candy on store shelves – and the Thanksgiving and Christmas items, most of which have been out for a month or two already, but that’s a whole ‘nother subject.

While in elementary school many, many years ago, I always thought of Halloween, the fair and Columbus Day when October came around.


Since that time, I’ve learned that there’s a whole lot more to this tenth month than those observances. Some of them are rather obvious, however.

For example, it’s “Workplace Politics Awareness Month.” I don’t know that there’s anything to celebrate about that (or any other kind of politics these days) but most people who work in such environments are keenly aware of that all year long. Of course, this might be why it’s also “Self-Promotion Month.”

Some of observances work well together; some don’t. October is “Vegetarian Month” and it works well with “Spinach Lovers Month.” It’s also “Sausage Month” and “National Chili Month.” Uh-oh. Can’t be a vegetarian and a sausage-lover and a chili celebrant. Oh, I almost forgot: it’s “Go Hog Wild – Eat County Ham Month.”

What I look forward to enjoying are “National Popcorn Popping Month” and “National Caramel Month.” I’m even satisfied with “Apple Month” and “National Bake and Decorate Month.” Well, actually, I’m not very good at the decorating but I love the baking part of this commemoration.

Some of these might be the reason October is also “National Dental Hygiene Month.”

Among the many remaining observances is “Positive Attitude Month.”

That’s an easy one. As long as I’m celebrating “National Caramel Month”, the positive attitude is no problem!

~    ~    ~    ~


Sarge Charlie said...

and october is also the when the Class of 55 will have it's 55th reunion. (armuchee high, near rome, ga)

Unknown said...

I can do caramel very well, the office politics I'll leave to those still working daily.

Syd said...

It is a good month here when many of the tourists leave.

Christy said...

It is also the birthday to my little boy Brae, he turned 7 years old today! I didn't know about caramel month, I will have to do something delicious with the ingredient now!

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