Ever Had Fun With An Answering Machine or Voice Mail?

Answering machines and voice mail have become a way of life. That doesn’t mean we have to like them or even enjoy them, but we as a society still use them.

Because they are so prevalent but so disliked, I’ve tried to always have fun messages for people who called me.

For example, one time the message to callers was to leave name, phone number and shoe size.

You wouldn’t believe the number of people who actually left shoe sizes. One caller even explained that it depended on the style of shoe and described which shoe meant which size!

One of our pastors asked me if I had a collection of shoes I was trying to match up with people.

Years ago, the message was to leave name, phone number and favorite television show. Boy, did I have fun with that! There were some really interesting answers to that question!

A friend from church called and left his name, phone number and said his favorite show was “Baywatch.” Yep, that’s the one that featured shapely females who were somewhat scantily clad. Then there was a second call from the same man; this time he said, “Sherry, don’t tell my wife what I said about my favorite show. P-l-e-a-s-e.”

The first President Bush – George H. W. Bush – called when he was still vice president but running for president. Along with a message, he left the name of his favorite show. No, I’m not revealing what it was.

After that call, I changed the message for a while to the following: “Hi. I know you don’t like answering machines, but if the vice president of the United States can leave a message, you can, too, so please leave your name and number.”


Sandee said...

How fun. Okay, what was his favorite show. Curious minds want to know.

Have a terrific day. :)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

That's such a cool idea! I'm so copying you--very fun.
How about Pres George HW leaving his favorite show?! That's hilarious!

The Retired One said...

Was his favorite show: The Twilight Zone? or Ripley's "Believe it or Not"???!!!!

Anonymous said...

Always fun to come to EX marks the spot, Sherry! Answering machines ARE fun. We used to put, "Hello", and the people would be jabberin' and then the rest of the message would play, and they would have to start all over again!
Voicemail is nice, but a pain when you are in a hurry to get your cell in order...lol...
Oh, and yes...I am SO DUMB on your TRIVIA game...I am EMBARRASSED~!!!

booboo said...

I had to laugh. During the first elder bush campaign my answering machine message was my dog barking. She would bark - a greeting - pause, then proceed with a "message" just as a human message would be. It did not take long for my phone number to spread among the Bush workers. I had more messages of just laughs. It was as much fun for me as the caller!
Thanks for reminding me of that fun message!!!!

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