Want to Have Fun at School?

Want to go back to school? Ever thought about attending a fun university?
Well, now is your chance – sort of.

Right now Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is hosting “31 Days of Oscars” at TCM University. Every movie shown from Feb. 1st through March 3rd either won an Oscar or received a nomination. The movies are grouped by academic department and course offering.

For example, today’s features are in the Zoology Department. Tonight, as part of the course called “Principles of Animal Behavior,” TCM will show Lassie Come Home, National Velvet, The Jungle Book and others.

Last Saturday’s department was World History. The Dawg and I watched Casablanca during the section called “The Reach and Influence of Nazi Germany.”

Since I love dance, I’m especially looking forward to Tuesday (the 17th) when it’s Dance Department Day. I want to see Anchors Aweigh, which is one of four movies scheduled for “Advanced Tap,” and 42nd Street, part of “Introduction to Choreography.”

Among the other departments with their own days of movies between now and March 3rd are these: athletic, law, political science, criminology, journalism, geography, theology, languages, medical and more.

Do you have an all-time favorite movie? Do you like old movies? Are there some that you could see over and over again?

When The Dawg and I play trivia, I never do well with the movie questions. For some reason, there are loads of great movies I've never seen. I’d love to sit in from of the TV day and night to watch all of these, but, alas, that’s not possible. Still, I’ll catch as many as I can.

I wonder how many I need to watch to graduate from TCM University with a degree!

(Photos/art from Ask Encyclopedia.)


Sandee said...

I will admit that when I had television that was one of my favorite channels. I love all the classics. Those are my favorites.

Have a terrific day. :)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a great idea. I LOVE those classic movies. Hurray for TCM!

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