Lights, Fans, Shampoo and Wine

Grandma is tired. Oops! What I really meant to say is that grandma is having a fabulous time!
I’m about 1700 miles from home, babysitting my only grandchild, Harrison, who is 11 months old. I’ve been in Thornton, Colorado, over a week now. His mom and dad (Mandy and Adam) had a business trip, then returned home for less than 24 hours, then took off on a pleasure trip.

If you’ve been around an 11-month-old recently, you realize this is a stage of pointing. Harrison points at several things, but most especially fans and lights. And when he points, he waits for me to say “light” or “fan,” as appropriate.
Well, during the last week, I have said those two words (fan and light) one-thousand-one-hundred-thirty-seven times. At least. I’m sure of it.
I’m so glad he knows these things and that he can point, but I’m about ready to show him something else – like where the wine is!

When Harrison’s parents came home between trips, Mandy commented about the fact that I’d washed his hair, and then asked, “What shampoo did you use?”

I just answered that I used baby shampoo.
She said, “But what kind?”
Well, goodness sakes alive, I didn’t know what kind of shampoo. I told her it was whatever kind was in his bathroom that said “No tears” and “gentle for babies” – or something similar.
But Mandy continued to ask, saying that Harrison’s shampoo was in their bathroom, not in his.

So, a bit later, she held up a container and asked, “Mom, is this what you used?”

“Yes,” I smiled and answered, so glad to have the mystery solved.
“Oh, great,” she said. “That’s baby sunscreen.”
And I hadn’t even had any of that wine!


Sandee said...

Bwahahahaha. So, how does sunscreen work as a shampoo? Bwahahahahaha. You are funnier than heck.

Have a terrific week. Find the wine too. :)

Unknown said...

Just in case the first part of this post sounded wrong, I am truly overjoyed being with my grandson. I'm just tired of saying "light" and "fan." But I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

Unknown said...

From BO (who posted her comment about this post on www.lipstickelection.blogspot.com): Bo said...
I tried to post on the last post of your Ex- Marks the spot blog.. but word verification wasn't working right & wouldn't let me???
Hi Sherry...this story about shampooing your grandson's hair with sunscreen was so cute...at least you didn't use Preparation H!
Harrison looks like a sugarbear
...so sweet!
It's hard work being a grandmom when we are out of practice...so go get that glass of wine & you'll never have to whine...LOL ;-) Bo

Unknown said...

Hi Sherry, I tried to comment on your blog, but the word verification didn't seem to be working. I am so happy to meet another SC blogger too! You sound so nice and interesting and I look forward to getting to know you. From MARGO: Where in SC do you live? Have a great day .... I joined as one of your followers and look forward to visiting your blog again soon. Margo

PS - your grandson is presh! I'm sure there are many worse things than sunscreen for hair washing!

WHY ISN'T MY WORD VERIFICATION WORKING? Doggone. This is frustrating. I've had that happen when I've tried to leave comments on other blogs on occasion. I keep trying -- and finally, after about four tries, it works.

JUST A MOM said...

Hi it is nice to meet you. Your grandson is beautiful. Stop by some time I saw you on my list of over 50's thought I would stop in.

Linda said...

You have an adorable grandson. Taking care of a baby is so different than when our children were little. The rules have changed so much.

CarolinaDreamz said...

Hi Sherry. I'm Heidi. I'm a Cali mom transplanted to the LowCountry. I popped in via LowCountryBloggers.com.

Your grandson is such a cutie..

I lived, for a few months, in Fountain (Colorado Springs) and I fell in love with Colorado. Enjoy your stay and store up your baby squeezes!

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