Global Belly Laugh Day - Will You Celebrate?

Saturday, January 24, 2009, is Global Belly Laugh Day.
There are laughing observances all around the world.

Can you imagine sitting in a room for an hour and doing nothing but laughing? That’s how some folks are observing this special day.
Can you also imagine how much better you’d feel if you participated?

In some places, there are speakers discussing the importance of laughter. Other sites are featuring clowns and similar presenters.

Last year on Belly Laugh Day, a radio station in South Africa shared an hour of laughter! Think about tuning into that station, unaware of the celebration. Would you quickly change the station or listen in delighted amazement?

Take the challenge for the 2009 event. Call a friend or a family member and just laugh. Or make it a 3-way or conference call. Share the joy with lots of people.

This observance isn’t for smiles or grins; it’s for deep, guttural belly laughter.

The time for the Global Belly Laugh Bounce is 1:24 pm local time. (1:24 on 1/24, get it?) That’s when everyone should throw arms up in the air and just laugh out loud. Forget your problems; get rid of stress. Everything else can wait while you engage in a few minutes of laughter.

Just in case you need help in getting started, I’m sharing some of my favorite belly laughs and giggles from YouTube. (See below - especially the first one!)

Click, listen, laugh! If you try it, I really would like to know if your mood changed. Did you forget problems for at least a few minutes?

1 comment:

Paul Eilers said...

My wife and I have a 21 month old son, Brady.

These days, he provides an unlimited amount of laughter!

And without saying a word, even!

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