Wordless Wednesday - almost. It's a Baffling Video

I hope someone will look at this and explain to me how it's done. I'm totally amazed, intrigued and baffled!

LOOK: Click here: Searchles Show 'Changing Clothes Magic Trick'

Anyway, once you see it, post your thoughts as to how it's done. Please! I'd like to know.

Thanks to The Dawg for sharing this!


Anonymous said...

Simple -- they're cheating. I'm sure the rules strictly prohibit evil, black magic.

Seriously, though, that was downright amazing. I'm curious about how they pulled they off, too...

Unknown said...

To the hawg: Thanks for looking and posting. Great pun! I remain baffled - totally.

Unknown said...

The Dawg responded: I would like to explain it to you so that your mind will be at ease. First, the linen or sheets used to conceal the girl at brief intervals, is magic. Second, the man that is assisting the girl in changing clothes is a magician. Now what is so complicated about that? I'll bet that if you showed it to Christopher he would know immediately how it is done. Get with it girl.

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