You're From WHERE???

Someone asked me who in the world reads my blogs? (I think it was Mom.)
The truth is that, unless people let me know otherwise, I don’t have any idea who the readers are, but I do know where you’re reading from, or at least the general area.

As most bloggers know, there are several services that help us track our readers, not by name, but by geographical location. We also learn how long someone is on the site. This information has been totally amazing to me.

When I first started blogging, I had no idea if anyone at all would read the blog. I was really doing this for myself, to make me sit down and write on an almost-daily basis. Yet, I thought perhaps some family members and friends might occasionally look at it.

It’s exciting to learn that people from all kinds of places drop in on occasion! And I’ve “met” several fantastic and interesting people through our respective blogs.
Within South Carolina, there are routinely readers from Summerville, Charleston, North Charleston, Chapin, Greer, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, Columbia, West Columbia, Lake City, Lexington, Ladson and more.

Readers come from all across the United States. The states with the most visits, other than South Carolina, are Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Colorado, New York and Washington.
More amazing, though, is that there are readers from all over the world. The one place with the most visits – and those longest in length – is Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
Others have come from Paris, Ile-de-France, France; Kegalla, Sri Lanka; Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa; Viladecns, Cataluna, Spain. These are just a few of the most recent readers.
There have been visitors from the Philippines, Malaysia, Portugal, Thailand and Germany and many others from miles and miles away.
There have been lots of readers from various places in the United Kingdom.

So, aside from writing and making on-line friends, I’m getting a geography lesson.

To all of you, thanks for visiting, for reading, for leaving comments.
I appreciate you!
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TxGambit said...

I love seeing where everyone is from also! Much like you, I started this not caring or thinking that people would read it, let alone from all the places they are coming from.

Anonymous said...

I think the people I've met through blogging have been the most unexpected but most worthwhile side effect of the whole thing.

Now you have a reader who will sometimes be from France and sometimes from England.

Anonymous said...

I try reading yours, Rod's and Ross
at least weekly. Good to catch up on the Shealy's Tell your mom hi from Betty and
Charles in Jacksonville

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