Grandma GOOFS Up!

Sometimes even grandmas goof up!
Today, I’m the grandma who goofed. And I’ve only been a grandma for five months! I wonder how many more times I’ll get bad marks.

It happened like this. Son-in-law Adam’s grandfather died, not unexpectedly. He, my daughter Mandy and grandson, Harrison, flew in to South Carolina from their home in Colorado. They are staying with Adam’s family but it was my task, i.e. privilege and joy, to take care of Harrison during the funeral. We didn’t get to play much because it was his nap time – and he took advantage of nap time. He must have been worn out from the traveling because he snored the cutest little snores!
At the appropriate time, I took Harrison back to his parents and, after a brief visit, went out with my friend, The Dawg, to play trivia. When I took out my phone to see what time it was, I saw that daughter Mandy had called several times, so I figured with several calls in a short time span, something must be terribly wrong. I quickly returned her call.

It was an emergency indeed. When I took Harrison back, I had not brought with me Eddie the Elephant! Oh, my gosh! Eddie the Elephant was lost. Mandy sounded rather frantic. I told her I would go home and look for Eddie and bring him to them if and when I found him.
I went home and, sure enough, there was Eddie the Elephant on the floor. I don’t know if I dropped Eddie or if Harrison dropped Eddie, but one of us dropped him – and like a good Eddie the Elephant, he stayed put.

Now it’s almost 10 pm. I’ve tried to reach Mandy by phone several times over the past hour to find out where I should deliver Eddie the Elephant. No answer. And since her in-laws recently moved, I don’t know where to take Eddie.
Maybe Harrison will be able to sleep without Eddie. I certainly hope so.
There’s nothing like goofing up as a grandma!


Brandy said...

Oh man, I know what it's like to have a lost lovie. My son has a bear that HAS to go EVERYWHERE with him and it's torture if we forget him lol.

PMKU said...

Oh it's ok! He will get it back soon enough. I love your side bar here with the people who survived having you as a mother. Priceless! Traveling from Tuesday Toot linky. Have a good one.

The Brantley Boys said...

Harrison survived. Thanks for returning his today.

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