Socks and Hair

           Just recently, a friend posted a picture of her hair on Facebook; the photo showed her long, luxurious curls. 

            With the picture, she wrote, “No heat, sock curls! Easy!”

            She was surprised that she could get such glorious curls by rolling her hair with socks. 

            This was old news to me.  My mom used to roll my hair in socks when I was little, and I kept doing the same thing as I got older.  That’s also how I curled my daughters’ hair when they were young. 

            Soft socks are much gentler on the head for sleeping than traditional rollers – by leaps and bounds!  They also don’t damage hair like hot (electric) rollers do or like a curling iron does.  Similarly, some people “rag roll” their hair, which is about the same as using socks. 

            Also, there are people who roll their hair on beer cans and/or soda cans.  I’m guessing this isn’t a method to use overnight.  It would be awfully difficult to get comfortable with a head full of 12-ounce cans!

            And that reminds me of some of the concoctions females use on their hair, including beer and mayonnaise and even raw eggs.  The beer supposedly creates volume and shine; the mayonnaise adds shine and strengthens the hair; raw eggs strengthen and add sheen.

            As a teenager, I tried the mayonnaise and the eggs but those experiments were short-lived for me. 

            I never outgrew being a sock-head, though. 
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