That's HOW Much????

            The Duppster and I were out and about over the weekend, just bouncing along from place to place in his pickup truck.  What a way to view life and what we typically call “Americana.”

            On a sunny and warm-to-hot Saturday, it’s easy to find various charity car washes with just a short ride.  We saw several, but there was one that really intrigued us. 

            As with most such car wash events, there were exuberant teenagers holding and waving signs promoting events.  The teens worked hard to make each and every driver spot the various signs, and they aggressively encouraged drivers to turn in to the lot to get vehicles washed. 

            While it might have been the energetic teens who first caught my attention, it was the signs that kept it.  The first big poster-sized sign read “Car Wash” on top with “FREE” underneath.  Certainly I knew what this meant: there was no charge for the car wash but donations were anticipated – or expected. 

            Just a few yards beyond the teen with the “free” sign was a second teen.  Her sign read “Car Wash – ½ Off.”

            Alright, I know I’m blonde and perhaps math wasn’t my best subject, but half off of “free” is how much?  Is free a big zero and half off a smaller one? 

            Dupp and I drove on, still wondering about those signs.  There must have been a bargain in there somewhere. 

            If you figure it out, let me know, okay?

~                      ~                      ~

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Gerry Hatrić said...

They meant half the dirt off. Some 4x4 owners like to have mucky undercarriages. Specialist car wash. Innovative. :)

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