Just Like Old Times?

            We never stop learning, and that’s a good thing.  And sometimes we can be quite surprised by what we learned.

            Just recently, our high school class marked 45 years since graduation.  Many members of the Lexington High School Class of ’67 gathered, some with spouses, some without.

            Unfortunately, we didn’t have any of our teachers with us but we did have our principal, Joe Bedenbaugh. 

            What we learned – and what we were surprised about - was that our high school principal actually has a sense of humor.  Maybe it’s a new persona for Joe Bedenbaugh.  Then again, maybe he has had a sense of humor forever and we just didn’t know it.

            We were all scared to death of the man.  He was tall, always in a dark suit, and seemed quite formidable.

            Getting sent to the principal’s office was not a treat or a reward, of course.  No one ever bragged about making an assigned visit to see the principal.  No one ever wanted to take home a note to have a parent call the principal.  No student ever wanted to see a parent chatting with the principal at a football game or anywhere else.

            When Joe Bedenbaugh was recognized at the class reunion, he stood – still as tall as ever – and, lo and behold, he smiled!  And then he said a few funny things. 

            Could this be, was this really the same man who struck fear into our very beings in high school? 

            He told us he had attended a Newberry College reunion where someone told him he was looking more like himself than he used to!   (Go figure that one out!)

            As I ate my meal that night, someone came over to me, leaned down and said, “Mr. Bedenbaugh would like to see you.”

            Forty-five years later and, just like old times, those words still caused me to gulp.  Turns out, he just wanted to tell me he enjoys reading my weekly newspaper column, which is usually on my blog as well. 

            So, Mr. Bedenbaugh, this one’s for you! 

            And, by the way, thanks for reading.  That means we’re now up to about four regular readers.



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