Just a Few Things . . .

            A short while back, I received a large manila envelope in the mail, and what a surprise I found inside.

            There was a certificate saying I had been given an honorary membership in the Lutheran Men in Mission in South Carolina.  It was accompanied by a lapel pin. 

            The notation on the certificate said this was given for my service on Synod Council (SC Synod of ELCA) and for my newspaper column! (I usually post a copy of the weekly column on this blog, including this post, and on Facebook.) 

             Imagine that!  This was a complete shock because I’ve only known of three people who read my column.  Maybe there’s a fourth one out there somewhere.

            Anyway, thanks so much to the Lutheran Men in Mission and thanks to the four or so people who read – or at least skim – the column each week.

            Now, on to other matters, specifically this question: If you could create a holiday or observance, what would it be?  The reason I ask is that next week – on the 26th – we have “Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.”  So, what would yours be?

            Quite frankly, it’s hard to think of something that doesn’t have its own day of celebration already. 

            Seriously.  Just in the second half of March, there are days set aside for these:

Pencil Day,
Mule Day,
Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day,
Barnum & Bailey Day,
 National “She’s Funny That Way” Day,

National Mom & Pop Business Owner’s Day,
Pecan Day,
Grass Is Always Browner On The Other Side Of The Fence Day,
Near Miss Day,

National Day of Unplugging,

National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day,
International Goof-off Day,

Corn Dog Day,
National Common Courtesy Day
 and even Viagra Day. 

And this is just a partial list.

            Like I said, it’s hard to find something not already given its special day.

            Maybe the four readers of my column can celebrate “Hold Your Breath and Read This Column Day.”   Celebration or not, thanks to you four, wherever you are! 

            So, what would YOUR day be?



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