Old Photos? Or Just Old Faces?!?!

            Most people don’t like to have their pictures taken.  Oh, sure, there are a few who do.

            I’m in that first group.  I don’t like to have my picture taken.  Maybe it’s because we haven’t yet identified a side that could qualify to be my “good side.”  Actually, I don’t think I have a good side.

            Be that as it may, I have a picture someone took that I like okay.  Considering others, this one is at least half-way decent.

            That’s the one I chose, naturally, to use on my Google profile and on other Internet sites that needed a photo, although later I found another that I used on an alternating basis.  I didn’t like the second one as much but at least it was a change from time to time.

            The first photo, though, is the one that was on a particular site that The Duppster (my hubby) was checking out last week. 

            That’s also the photo he was looking at when he asked, “How long ago was THAT picture taken???”

            He was on the right track; this was most definitely not a new picture. 

            But it’s not like it was 30 or 40 years ago either.  It was taken in November 2009 – exactly two years ago. Now, I ask you: How much can one person change in just two little years?

            Yep, you’re right.  Apparently, a WHOLE lot. 

            When my own hubby thinks the two-year-old photo is an ancient one, it’s time to use something more recent.  I’m thinking of using an avatar or caricature instead of a real picture.

            Whatever I use, I don’t think The Duppster will be asking how old it is any time soon.


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