Word Play - or Forgetfulness?

Sometimes my mouth works faster than my brain.

Sometimes my mouth works – and the brain is totally idle, as in off duty.

Admittedly, these statements don’t surprise folks who know me well. Those folks would include members of our adult Sunday School class, which I’ve been “teaching” for several years.

This past Sunday, as we discussed callings and vocations, I said my sister had a child with Alzheimer’s.

Class members snickered. They knew I meant to say “autism” instead of “Alzheimer’s.”

Well, I understand that autism and Alzheimer’s are not laughing matters, but when I think about saying that a woman has given birth to a child with Alzheimer’s, the thought is a little comical.

There are other words I confuse for no apparent reason. Like hysterectomy and hemorrhoidectomy. Believe me, I’ve had ‘em both; they most definitely are not the same.

Another example has to do with house-hunting. The Duppster, my fabulous hubby, is a craftsman of sorts. He wants to build things – furniture and such. So, we’ve been looking – leisurely and casually - for a house that includes a workshop.

But I mistakenly said the other day that we are looking for a place with a “warehouse.”

Talk about storage possibilities - a warehouse.

Wow! Isn’t that every woman’s dream?

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Willy said...

Willy's tongue gets him in trouble most often.

10-4 willy

Syd said...

Well, there are some things that are worse malapropisms. I once heard our agency head say the following:
Look at all those sailboats in the harbor. It is a great day for the sailing cantata.

Let's everyone have the exact time. Please simonize your watches now.

My daughter has had to go to the orthodontist who fitted her with a recliner on her teeth.

I could go on and on but he was a source of great merriment and most of his goofs are written down in a notebook.

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