So You Think YOU Had Fun on Labor Day????

My youngest sister, Lorri, is the mother of three VERY active boys.  The oldest, Ryan, is 10 and has autism.  Lorri is vice president of State Government Affairs at Autism Speaks.

If you think you had an exciting Labor Day weekend, read her account below.  And if you were somewhat down because you had a boring Labor Day, read her account -- and be thankful!

So we’re trying to enjoy a little time in the backyard with the kids, who are running here, there and everywhere. After a while, we hear the doorbell ringing inside. It is a neighbor, bringing home Ryan (age 10), who was stark naked in another neighbor’s front yard, playing in the sprinklers. (We never saw him leave.)

Then we cooked steaks for dinner, which went fine until the grand flame, which set off the smoke alarm and caused the fire truck to arrive with sirens blaring and lights flashing.  (The kids loved it.) 

What does that have to do with this picture?  Nothing, of course.  The picture is Ryan locked in a friend’s BMW, where he’s been for more than an hour.  We were finally able to coach him to push the unlock button; unfortunately, it has now been disabled.  (Darn fancy cars.)  AAA is on the way, possibly to tow the BMW and Ryan, who is wearing no pants, to the dealership to activate the lock. 

How was your Labor Day weekend?



Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

quite exciting all around!

smiles, bee

Syd said...

Well, Sherry, my Labor Day weekend was okay. But the crazy people at Cummings Point are really spoiling the place. All manner of law enforcement was out there and their presence does help. However, it seems that they cannot board boats to check for drugs. And DNR doesn't seem to want to check for BUI. Any suggestions on what law enforcement can actually do?

Sandee said...

Mine was pretty boring. Ryan is going to be a handful and then some isn't he? Yes, I think so.

Have a terrific day. :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh scary....glad to know he's okay tho, that could have turned into something far more tragic. I think I would have been breaking a window to get to him.

My labor day?!!! Let's see, what day was that? They're all coming together for me right now.

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