Cuckoo - And Those Crazy Camp Songs

For a while now, I've had one of those crazy camp songs stuck in my head. 

Actually, only parts of one particular song are stuck in my head.  Several parts - and none of 'em go together exactly.  When I try to recall the song, The Duppster looks at me like I've lost my head.

Does anyone remember a song that starts like this: "Oh, I went to Peter's flowing springs, where the. . . ."

Then the chorus, which I've never seen in writing, is similar to: "oh, eee, ah, oh, eee, ah, cah tiki, oh, eee ah eee ay. . . " or something crazy like that.   

Help!  Does this ring a bell for anyone?  

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Angie A. said...

The version I heard was: OH! An Austrian went yodeling on a mountain so high. When along came a cuckoo bird, interrupting his cry, "Oh, lee ah. Oh lee ah ca ki ah; oh lee ah cuckoo <repeat 4 times)."

It goes on to have a grizzly bear, dinosaur, roadrunner, St. Bernard, and a host of other critters interrupt the yodeler.

Does that sound familiar?

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I remember it somewhat like Angie's version...but the part that seems most vivid is the "call" part...oh lee ah ca ki ah...oh lee ah cuckoo...

I love thinking back on old rhymes, songs, etc that are familiar to me when I was a kid... (as you can see from my last post)

Blessings & aloha!

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