The Geek and The Piano

If I never play the piano again, it’s my husband’s fault.

I’ll try to explain.

The Duppster – he’s my hubby – is a wonderful, wonderful person.

And, it’s not that he doesn’t like music; he does. He played a couple of instruments in high school and he sings well. It’s also not that he doesn’t like my piano-playing; he says he does.

But, see, he’s a geek. He’s a computer wizard. I don’t even know what all he does at work because it’s way over my level of comprehension when it comes to computers and technology.

Lately, I’ve been having atrocious problems with my laptop. The screen keeps fading - slowly, slowly – ‘til just about everything disappears. I can’t find the mouse. Words disappear. Pages disappear. Finally, the screen goes gray or hazy.

I tried rebooting. That worked for a few minutes. Then the process started all over again. At first this happened once or twice a day. It soon escalated to about once an hour.

Now, it tends to happen about every minute or so, and it’s doggone inconvenient.

So, I thought, what better person to ask than The Duppster. Like I said, Dupp is a geek.

I asked.

You’ll never guess what advice he gave.

With all of his experience and education, he gave a three-word solution: “Just hit it.”

“Do what?” I asked.

And again he said, “Just hit it.”

I did, and the screen cleared up immediately.

The problem is that, while hitting the computer makes the screen reappear clearly, it doesn’t solve the problem. The screen still starts fading about every minute or so.

And, based on the advice of my own special geek, I keep hitting it. And hitting. And hitting.

That, my friends, is why I may never play the piano again. I think my hands are getting permanently bruised and battered.

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