Lumps and Plums and Even Some Rubies

My fascination with words continues, and I’m especially intrigued with anagrams, i.e. the rearrangement of letters in one word or phrase into another word or phrase. Sometimes those rearrangements are funny, sometimes strange and sometimes just downright intriguing.

I’m sharing a few today, most of which are nonsensical:

She asked, “Do you know the CAUSES of the lumps in the SAUCES?” With a SLUMP, I answered, “Those aren’t LUMPS; those are PLUMS.”

It IRKS me when I take a RISK.

He LIED, “I couldn’t get food; the DELI was IDLE.”

I watched the TIDE with my hands TIED. This made it difficult to EDIT my work but easy to DIET.

The man said he gets a BRUISE easily when he BURIES RUBIES. (Yes, I know; why would anyone bury rubies?)

I learned when I was GROWN that I had been all WRONG – about many things!

I’ve finally decided to THROW out anything of little WORTH.

He was so EVIL and VILE he decided to LIVE under a VEIL of secrecy.

Peek through a SLAT; you’ll see that the LAST thing I add is SALT.

The ELBOW and the BOWEL are BELOW one’s shoulders.

The drinks FLOWED, so I WOLFED them down.

That’s all for this time. Aren’t you glad?


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Syd said...

I had not thought about anagrams in a long while. You would be good at Scrabble!

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