Whew! I am SO Relieved!

Is that a sigh of relief throughout the world?  It should be; the SC Supreme Court has made a momentous decision:

"The court was asked to determine what the Legislature meant by the term 'on the first page of the contract' in Section 15-48-10(a) of the S.C. Uniform Arbitration Act (2005). The court held that the term means the page preceding all other pages in the contract.     Richland Horizontal v. Sky Green Holdings, No. 4795"

All of these years -- and now, I finally know what the front page is!
(Yes, there was a reason this was an issue but the synopsis just hit me as hilarious, like what a news flash.)
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The Retired One said...

And for THIS we pay them! :0}

Syd said...

Not surprising from this state.

HumorSmith said...

Great minds often function at levels beyond our comprehension. You know, first thoughts, the ones before all the others.

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