A Penny for Your Thoughts?

Today is “Free Thought Day.”

And my free thought is, “Well, that’s about the only thing that’s still free. Wait a while and someone will want to tax that, too!”

Yes, this is one of those rare serious posts on this blog.

Sometimes it seems that we’re in a sort of endless cycle in our wonderful country. It IS a wonderful country; the government, though, isn’t so wonderful.

Our form of government is fine. There’s just too much of it.

As government has tried to be the answer for every question, it has burgeoned.

As “we the people” have asked the government to provide for us, government has increased.

As politicians have built their own little empires, government has multiplied.
As politicians have created jobs for friends, government has grown.

Each time government grows – with new employees, new programs, new responsibilities, new regulations, new buildings – the amount of money needed for funding has increased as well.

We are saddled with higher taxes and new taxes.

Somehow, we must stop this endless cycle. What’s the answer?

That’s something I’ll have to think about – while our thoughts are still free.

Gives new meaning to that familiar line about a penny for one’s thoughts, doesn’t it?

~                 ~                ~                ~


Patricia Rockwell said...

I'd like to get off the IRS mailing list to. Where do apply?

Sandee said...

I couldn't agree with you more. This post is right on the money.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sarge Charlie said...

good post, I voted already, Rod has and eye on me and he knows I am living life.........

Penny said...


Thank you for sharing your thoughts freely. You did an awesome job of expressing the thoughts of many people in our wonderful country.


meijor said...

"Sometimes it seems that we’re in a sort of endless cycle in our wonderful country. It IS a wonderful country; the government, though, isn’t so wonderful."

How can the government be wonderful - when... we don't really know the character of those whom we elect; we don't know whom these people owe their allegiance to, we don't know what secret society they have sworn to uphold; we don't know who these people really are - in their heart of hearts.

They talk a good game, tell us what we want to hear, kiss our babies - then pass laws that gut our right to redress, strip us naked before the corporate elites, empty our purses by devaluing the currency...

and tell us to go away - don't spoil their party by asking any meaningful questions.

Doesn't anyone realize... the Supreme Court did a palace coup... in it's last selection of our president?

Does anyone care, that we were put on an economic 'road to ruin' in the following eight years of that presidency?

Ask yourself... did you applaud... "you're doing a good job Brownie," did you benefit from the fallout of those 8 years - or do you feel like...

collateral damage?

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