Ah, We've Found Our Differences . . .

Ah, we’ve found our differences.

In the two weeks since Karl (The Duppster) and I got married, we’ve been busy combining households, with “stuff” ranging from furniture to kitchen utensils.

I knew I had finally discovered our differences when I opened “his-now-ours” freezer door. As I leaned over to put in my Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine dinners, I found his extra-large, family-sized peach cobbler.

My “no sugar added” ice cream went next to The Duppster’s creamy, home-style version of the same flavor and near his several boxes of popsicles.

In the refrigerator, my 2% milk-fat cheese went next to his regular cheese. The fat-free Miracle Whip went next to his regular Miracle Whip. (Yes, we both agree on Miracle Whip – just at different “strengths.”)

That’s not all. The light sour cream was placed next to regular sour cream. The reduced fat cream cheese went next to his full-fledged Philadelphia cream cheese. Next to his rich and creamy salad dressing, I put the fat-free and light dressings.

There were differences in the pantry as well. One example included my fat-free Hershey’s chocolate syrup next to his regular of the same brand. My fat-free Fig Newtons went on the same shelf as Dupp’s Oreos and numerous other sweets.

Either I’ll gain weight or “Vive la difference!”


Sandee said...

Oh this could be a problem. For you that is. You know that the real stuff is much better than the low fat stuff that you and I both eat. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sarge Charlie said...

what the hell do you expect from a duppster

Syd said...

It will be okay. Perhaps he will come around to healthier eating...or not. Life is full of those compromises.

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