As Promised, More About The Duppster

Yes, as promised in yesterday's post, I'm sharing more about Dupp to continue his introduction. 

He's Karl Duppstadt.  Since I finally learned to spell -- and pronounce his last name -- I thought perhaps using his name to describe him might be a start.

K     Kind
A     Admirable
R     Reliable
L     Loving

D     Dependable
U     Understanding
P     Polite
P     Patient
S     Sincere
T     Trustworthy
A     Attentive
D     Dedicated
T     Tactful

There are many other descriptive words that are appropriate for him also.  For example, he's geeky, generous, passionate, prayerful, personable, friendly, fair, fun-loving, caring, conscientious, competent, likeable, honest, handy, helpful, truthful, loyal, unflappable, adventurous, amorous, adaptable, realistic, respectful, reasonable, refreshing, studious, smart, sincere, industrious, delightful, disciplined and easy-going.  And very romantic!
But if I tried to create a new last name for him based on his attributes, he'd be Karl Ddduupppppggfffcccllhhhrrrrriessssttaaaadt. 
A Pennsylvania native, i.e. Yankee, he retired from the Air Force, having lived in Turkey, Iceland and other places.  He's now employed with the Charleston County School District as a geek.  I can't explain what he does because I don't understand it, but I overheard him telling one of my brothers that he builds networks. 
We're both life-long Lutherans. He likes music, the Steelers, Nascar, cooking (yippee!), cruising in his Corvette, playing cards & board games, and more.  He moved to South Carolina about three years ago.  And, as mentioned in yesterday's post, we met on match.com.  
He's my Superman!
~                          ~                           ~


Sandee said...

I'm glad you found a superman. That's so very important. Good for the both of you. When is he going to describe you? Just asking.

Have a terrific day. :)

Patricia Rockwell said...

You had me at "he can cook!" A perfect man!

The Retired One said...

Someone is very smitten.....that is wonderful!

Syd said...

Nice Sherry. I wish you both the best. You certainly deserve all of that.

Michelle Alexander said...

How wonderful Sherry! :)

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