Yep! It's Ol' Murphy - Again!

Okay. It’s a given. The proverbial Murphy’s Law strikes when it wants to. It struck last week.
I had a few items of clothing that needed to be washed. I was thinking it was a really small load but then remembered some items that had been hanging in the closet for a long time. They hadn’t been worn, either because of season, weather or my ever-changing weight. I tossed those things into the washing machine as well.

Using only cold water, I put all kinds of things into that load. Once all were washed, I moved the wet laundry to the dryer and hit “Start.”

When the dryer’s buzzer sounded, I hurried over to unload and then hang or fold clothes. (I will hurry to the dryer any day instead of taking time to iron clothes!)

And that’s when Murphy’s Law struck once again. Or at least that’s when I became aware of ol’ Murphy.

There had been a tube of lipstick in a jacket pocket – and now there was red lipstick on every single item of clothing. Not just most of the clothes but ALL of ‘em.

The lipstick is still there. I’ve found a few “how-to” tips for removing lipstick from clothes, although most have to do with finding a single lipstick smudge on one article of clothing before washing and, worse yet, drying the lipstick into the clothes.

One method is to put white toothpaste on each smudge, which would amount to a whole lot of toothpaste in this case. I haven’t tried it yet because the only toothpaste in the house is green gel.

Yep, it’s Murphy again. We’re getting to know each other rather well.

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Sandee said...

You have such and interesting life. Note to self...check all pockets before washing clothes.

Have a terrific day and say hi to Murphy. :)

sally said...

OH Sherry, did your knees get weak when you saw that mess? I can not imagine what work is ahead, only did it with hidden crayons. May your scrubbing arms be strong and your efforts rewarding, or something like that to get positive results.

Lee said...

LOL! I suggest you start over...buy all new clothes!

Syd said...

It sounds like time to get some new clothes or at least just wear gloss or something like that.

kayerj said...

oh sad :(

I did that once with a purple crayon. I ended up ironing the stains with a square of brown paper between cloth and and iron to absorb the wax. then I took them to the dry cleaners where they got the rest out with some kind of Chemical process.

good luck!

Corrie Howe said...

Oh, no! I'm far too lazy to check pockets. I really need to take the extra time to save more time and expense later.

I hope you find an easier way to handle this.

The Muse said...

oh goodness sakes!
I "try" to check pockets, but there is always a horror story to tell...

Anonymous said...

Oh dear... sounds like Murphy was really getting around this week. Dawwg.

He bit me, too. Stop on over, maybe we can laugh together when the dust- er, lipstick- settles.

Will Shealy said...

So how did you ultimately get rid of the stains? I only ask because I'm a complete spaz, and though I don't own any lipstick, I can almost guarantee that I will eventually do something similar.

Margaret Hall said...

What a mess, my friend!!...I really feel for ya'!
I had the similar experience with a marker...ackkkkkk.
Better luck....

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