Signs of the Times, I Mean Places

Have you seen one of those little stickers on the back of a car?

No, not a political sticker. Not a crude sticker. This is one that typically has only two letters or perhaps three. The purpose is to let anyone looking know where the owner lives or vacations.  At least, I assume that's the purpose.

Probably the first ones I ever saw were “HHI” for Hilton Head Island. These small, oval-shaped car “badges” seem to be everywhere, touting large cities, small towns, beach resorts and whatever is between all of those. NYC for New York City, SF for San Francisco, MB for Myrtle Beach – you get the picture.

Recently, though, one of the little sticky signs gave me pause. I was behind a vehicle that had an “FB” sticker.

But as I looked at that, I thought, “Oh, wow, that person spends a lot of time on Facebook.”

Facebook? No, it really was for Folly Beach, SC, but when I saw the “FB” I immediately thought of Facebook.

Guess which person spends too much time on Facebook?

That’s right! It’s yours truly. I’m addicted. I’ll admit it. I am totally addicted to blogs, Facebook, Word Challenge and just the Internet in general.

There’s got to be a self-help group out there for those of us who don’t feel complete without the keyboard at our fingertips.

In the meantime, thank goodness Al Gore had the foresight to invent the Internet!


Gianetta said...

I spend too much time on there too.

Syd said...

I spend too much time on blogs.

Corrie Howe said...

For the longest time I thought they were stickers of cars brought in from overseas in Europe because this is how they indicate the country the car is from (at least when I was there two decades ago).

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

My name is Sandi... and I am addicted.
I need one of those Foley Beach stickers too.

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