PH: Could I Interest You in Some Furniture? Artwork? Odds 'n Ends?

As regular - and perhaps even occasional - visitors to this blog (EX Marks the Spot) know, every Saturday is Photo Hunt Day in the world of blogs.  A different word is chosen each week; several hundred bloggers then post one or more photos to represent that word. 

Sometimes it's easy and sometimes not.  One thing it has done for me, though, is to open my eyes and my mind to things around me, to become more aware of everyday things.

Today's challenge is the word bulky.    What an appropriate topic for me!  No, not just because I'm somewhat bulky myself, but because I'm trying to get rid of some bulky items, including furniture.  In fact, I've been using Craig's List and eBay.  I was planning a garage sale for today but the weather forecast was for "bitter cold," so I'm waiting a week.

There's a queen-sized sleeper sofa, two recliners, an antique rocker, high chair, overstuffed floor pillows and more.

And there are also items that are not bulky, like this set of six champagne flutes, still in the original box and unused.  By the time I finish this process, I may actually want to use them!


It's time to let go of so many things -- but that's easier said than done!

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To see other bulky photos (and certainly better ones), click here.


Kim, USA said...

Wow a garage sale? Here in MI will wait for spring to hit more garage sale. Happy weekend!


Rebecca Mecomber said...

Nice choices! It must cost an arm and a leg to ship such bulky articles, though? I'd buy furniture online, except for that aspect of it.

I goofed for Photo Hunters this week, and did "12" instead of "Bulky." :S Oops. But I decided to leave it up because it's appropriate for this week... and because I didn't want to spend an hour doing a different post! I hope you can visit.


Have a blessed New Year!
Mrs. Mecomber

Syd said...

I agree Sherry--the Barcaloungers have to go.

chucker said...

Hey Sherry, I too have sold items on Craigslist but also use the FREE classified ads in The Post and Courier.

The paper's free ads do not include photos but I set up a blog that posts photos of the items on sale. I add the blog link in the ads.

I love high tech!

Check out http://classifiedsale.blogspot.com

Sandee said...

Bulky is something I don't want in my home either. Those things just don't fit for me anymore. They used to, but not now.

Good luck on Craig's List and your yard sale.

Have a terrific weekend. :)

Scott Law said...

How clever is that & good luck on the sales. Great take on the theme! I love all the different ways people can approach it.
Drop by and see mine here.

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