Oops! I Said WHAT???

Yesterday, I was assisting minister at our church for both morning services. 
I'm a Lutheran and have been a Lutheran all of my life.  I've played the organ for services of other denominations and have found so many similarities.  Anyway, having been Lutheran all of my life, one would assume I could remember the service.
Yet, yesterday, when I was supposed to say something like this: "Together, let us use the Apostles' Creed to confess our faith" I said instead "Together, let us use the Apostles' Creed to confess our sins."
Someone told me later that mistake was because I'm much more involved in sins than in faith!!!
Oh, well. 


Lee said...

That wasn't very nice of them!

Sandee said...

Just a small slip of the tongue. That's what I'd maintain at any rate.

Have a terrific day. :)

Unknown said...

Tee hee, a little Freudian slip!?

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