I Am SO Thankful: For These and So Much More!


I am thankful. Not just today but every day.

For three fantastic children who are wonderful adults - Tiffany, Tree and Mandy shown here just after Mandy's marriage to Adam.

For a fabulous mom and for memories of a fabulous dad.

For two sisters (Christy & Lorri) and two brothers (Rod & Shawn) I wouldn’t trade for anything (most days.)

For a great son-in-law, Adam Brantley.

For an adorable grandson, Harrison Cothran Brantley.

For remarkable friends, both old and new.

For a warm and caring church family.

For 60 good years of life.

For God-given talents and abilities.

For health.

For a wonderful extended family.

For a sense of humor.

For our military who serve us.

For law enforcement and firefighters who protect us.

For educators who touch and help shape the future.

For the power of prayer and faith.

For the freedoms we enjoy in our country and for the hope those freedoms will be around for a long time.

For volunteers who give so much of themselves in so many ways.

For the beauty of nature - colorful rainbows, glorious sunshine, majestic mountains, rolling oceans, chirping birds, laughing children, refreshing rain, seasonal changes and so much more.

And, this year in particular, I am thankful for the time I had with Carroll a/k/a “The Dawg.”

As odd as it may sound and as much as I would like for him to still be here with me, I am thankful for the way in which he left us – a peaceful death; opportunities to say good-bye to family and friends; no lingering, on-going suffering. I am thankful I was with him and in his arms as he took his last breath. What a blessing!

May you enjoy counting your blessings today - and every day!
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storyteller said...

Gratitude posts are my favorite kind!
Lovely list ;-)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Hugs and blessings,
Sacred Ruminations

Sandee said...

You do have much to be thankful for. Especially Dawg. Just saying. I have one just like him.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Big hug. :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Tearful ending...just reading it --I can only imagine the heart as you held him near breathing his last!!! Yet, it was poignant. And then, above, your grandson Harrison...how adorable.

What a wonderful, true and thankful post Sherry!!!!

Sarge Charlie said...

very nice post Miss X, I will add to you list because I am so thankful that I have only one more Chemo treatment.

Dawg, that takes me home to my Georgia roots, he looks like a good man....

Patricia Rockwell said...

Beautiful post and beautiful family--I see why you are so thankful!

Syd said...

Really nice post. I'm sure that it's hard to have this holiday without your husband. Your attitude is powerful.

Corrie Howe said...

It is so nice to see that others are thankful for the military, the police, fire and rescue and others.

I'm also thankful for the utilities crews who are out in the worst kinds of weather trying to get our water, electricity, phones and Internet back up for us....all waiting inside mostly comfortable houses.

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