Just Got a Phone Call - Guess Who?

Just got a phone call from Joe Wilson. 

Yes, THAT Joe Wilson.  The congressman who yelled "You lie" - the yell heard 'round the world.

He is actually a long-time friend.  (More about our friendship of several decades HERE.)

Joe called to remind me that he had been reprimanded before, or perhaps chastised is a better word. 

It was back in 1970, back in the "ancient days" when we both were younger.  At that time here in South Carolina, our political party was small although growing fast, but small enough that we nominated by convention rather than by primary.  Also at that time, the minimum voting age was still 21.

In February of that year, I announced as a candidate for the SC House of Representatives.  I was a junior in college and only 20 years old, not yet old enough to vote, although I would turn 21 eight days before the election in November. 

Joe is the one who made the nominating speech for me at our county's political convention.  He did a great job. 

In his phone call today, Joe reminded me that he was chastised, fussed at, berated, etc. after his nominating speech.  Didn't he know I couldn't win? he was asked.  Didn't he know I wasn't old enough to vote?  And, worse yet, didn't he know I was a girl?  

Thanks to Joe and hundreds of other brave, energetic volunteers, we pulled through and won the election.

A lot has happened in the ensuing years, but some things haven't changed.  Joe is still getting fussed at, and I'm still a girl, although a much older one.

News Clipping from February 1970


kayerj said...

I love your political cartoon.

you have to admire a politician that will call his fellows on the carpet.

and my you were young when you started out.

Patricia Rockwell said...

This is exciting--and you were glamorous! Wow!

Martha said...

How interesting, Sherry. Who would have thought that a "girl" could win! We had moved out of the state by this time so I wasn't here during your servant days but I would have voted for you. :-) Very interesting story about your friendship with the now infamous Joe Wilson.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

What great friendships to have had and have kept.

I support him for speaking up!

And Sherry, you are so beautiful now...and were a beauty in the 1970 clipping!

Blessings & Aloha!

Syd said...

Good for you Sherry. I'm glad that you took on the good ole boys.

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