Celebrate Being Old???????

It’s not so bad getting being old after all.

There are several known benefits, like senior citizens’ discounts, some starting at the age of 50! In this economy, I enjoy a discount no matter what it’s called.

It’s the unwritten plusses, though, that are the best.

See, it used to be that when I forgot something, somebody would ask accusatory questions: “How in the world could you forget about that?” “Why would you let that slip your mind?” “Wasn’t that important enough for you to remember?”

Now, my forgetfulness is forgiven dismissed because of my senior status.

Being older old gets a person out of lot of work opportunities. Project leaders and committee chairs don’t expect as much out of or from older folks. Those in their 20s, 30s and even 40s are expected to pick up the slack when work needs to be done. Older volunteers are warmly welcomed and appreciated, but don’t have to feel guilty for not seizing every opportunity to help out.

Having senior status explains a lot of behavior – for men and for women. “Look at that crazy old driver – changing lanes without using a blinker!” “Did you see what he was wearing? Poor ol’ thing can’t see well enough to match his clothes!” “Do you think she knows she has her housecoat on in the grocery store?” (I stand in the shower, soaking wet, wondering if I just got in or if I was getting out.)

And being old means you don’t have to prove everything. For example, suppose I’m watching Michael Phelps in competitive swimming. I can say, “I used to be able to do that” – and, at this age, no one will force me to prove it. Anybody listening can either believe me or chalk it up to hallucination or senility.

Today (October 1st) is International Day of Older Persons. What a good reason to celebrate!


Martha said...

Oh, I'm proud to be in this bunch and to be celebrated today :-). I think I will do something nice for myself. We're headed to your area...Seabrook Island for a long weekend...now that's what I call nice.

kayerj said...

LOL! great post, gotta grab our breaks where we can.

Patricia Rockwell said...

Yes, and when you get old you can start suggesting to your children that they take care of you rather than you take care of them.

Syd said...

I'll wait and don't think that I want the moniker of Senior.

The Brantley Boys said...

Does getting older help to explain why you posted with your strike-through corrections?

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